Homeschooling Resources

These resources are definitely not limited to homeschoolers.  In fact, a lot of the resources for homeschooling I have seen are much better than what I have found for public schools.  They are much better at communicating with one another and because their is no levels of authority that they need to go through they can be much more efficient.

Highland Heritage Forms

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MIT OpenCourseWare

Mathematics 1st to 12th grade

Linear Algebra

Math Resources

Foreign Language

My Guide to Learning Japanese


Essential File Sharing Knowledge

Making the most of P2P and Uploads


Music Resource

Analog to Digital

Archiving Method for Libraries

Computer Skills

Making a Virtual CD/DVD Drive

RAR Essentials

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Music Resource

The midi files and the sheet music were found on

The midi reading software is the free download of Synthesia.

Synthesia is also a tool used for learning the piano.  It is something that I have used a little bit and it has been quite helpful.

This is the megaupload link for the files compressed as rar:

And here is the magnet link for the torrent:


I uploaded the torrent using which allows people to upload torrents to an index without a membership.

Included with the files is this torrent for the same files. Please seed this torrent.  If you have never used a torrent see these two blogs.

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Making the most of P2P and Uploads

If you don’t know what P2P and uploads are click here.

Uploading a file to a site like megaupload is okay if the file size is relatively small but for files bigger than one gigabyte it can become less and less effective.  The problem with starting a torrent of a file is that you are the only one providing other users with the file.  Most of the time megaupload can allow the person wanting to download the file with a faster download speed than you can with a torrent when you are the only seeder.  Once people do finish downloading the file though they become seeders which means that they play as much of a role in allowing others to download your file as you do.  Because of this difference it makes since to split the sharing of your file into two parts.  You will want to provide a way of downloading a file through megaupload and also provide in this a torrent of the same file.  This way in the beginning people can download the file in the most efficient way at all times.  They can download the file that you split into 1000MB parts with rar on the upload site and use the torrent provided along with the file to become a seeder.  In order to become a seeder though they must make sure to put the file in the folder they specify as their download folder for utorrent.  After putting the file in the right location and starting the torrent the person who downloaded the file will be helping you distribute it to others.

Here is an example of this strategy.

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Making a Virtual CD/DVD Drive

Here are two programs that make CD’s and DVD’s obsolete.  Magic ISO Virtual CD-Rom and ImgBurn.  ImgBurn can make virtual CD’s and DVD’s that can then be read by Magic ISO Virtual CD-Rom.  In addition to this ImgBurn can also make virtual data CD’s out of files which can be more convenient than dealing with a lot of files and is desirable if you want to avoid compressing your files.

When you have a virtual CD/DVD that you want to use simply right click on it go to MagicISO then Mount and then choose one of the virtual drives.  If you do not have a virtual drive set up go to Magic ISO and then Set Number of Drivers.

Here are both programs.  It is compressed as a rar file.  Here is a tutorial on rar.

For information on file sharing click here.

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English Resources

High School Resources

Download all material on this forum.

Free Books:

Project Gutenberg is a site that gives you free ebooks of books that are out of copyright.  Here is the magnet link for there latest DVD.  Here is a tutorial on how to use file sharing.

magnet:?xt=urn:btih:DKNULNDJWCFN4M7DIM7QK7XH4YYMJF5E&dn=pgdvd042010.iso& — The April 2010 (Dual Layer) DVD

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World Intellectual Property Organization

Materials on Intellectual Property.

Funny Comic.

Unless in the case that a publisher is involved which makes them an owner of the work as well.

And because publishers want to protect there profits.

United States= 70 years

This site makes some interesting points.  We may have some different opinions on some things though.

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